Ghost Eyes-Little Pill

While I was about to go through my submissions I came across a particularly haunting group straight out of London that instantly caught my attention. Described as “spooked out pop”, it’s evident from the various tracks on their soundcloud that Ghost Eyes likes to experiment by touching on a range of genres. Blending together pulsating electronics with eerie pop sensibilities, a dash of lo-fi fuzz, and rattling hip hop beats it’s safe to say that you can expect the unexpected when it comes to this offbeat collection of musicians, but that’s part of the Ghost Eyes charm. Their latest track “Little Pill” was released about ten months ago so I’m hoping that something newer is in the works for the band, but in the meantime I highly suggest taking time to listen to all of their material (especially if you’re in the mood for something peculiar) and grabbing what you can for download. 


(via nrwright)



Great DJ - The Ting Tings

Will forever be a ting tings fan


inspirezme - Located in Pfronten, Bavaria in Germany, Waldseilgarten is an adventure mountain resort that offers guests a thrilling night in the wilderness. Nestled at the top of a mountain summit, daring guests can spend the night hanging off the tree tops or suspended over a cliff face in their cosy but rather high tents.

Man on Fire — Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros